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Russia Hires Advertising Agency

When you hear the word “Russia”, what comes to mind? Unfortunately the images that come to mind are often associates with spies, the gulag, gangsters, breadlines and permafrost, not to mention retrograde politics.

To move into the 21st century Russia needed to show a new face to the world. To do that, they hired ADORE CREATIVE, a Los Angeles based ad agency.

According to Rupert Wainwright, Adore’s president and chief creative director, the biggest challenge was to normalize Russia. Mr. Wainright believes that if a sense of “normalness” can be established, the country will become de-demonized in the eyes of the world.
The theory seems to be working. Mr. Wainwright and several other Western advertising agencies have helped Russia score several big victories on the world stage: in the last three years it has won the right to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, the 2013 World University Games, and most recently the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. Mr. Wainwright’s company made films for all three campaigns.

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